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Its not that interesting but id like to keep it a secret.

Black. Grey. Blue. Forever 21. White Tees. Edmonton. Bbm. Friends. Tumblr. Facebook. Muse. Tegan and Sara. Aqualung. City and Color. Fashion blogs. Beer.

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  1. "All I ever wanted you to do was feel this feeling. Be this way. Exhale the sky. All you ever did was feel different. Be away. Wash your hands with air. All I love is a feeling. I still feel this way. I cannot breathe. I still forget there’s air out there. I still forget how white hot everything was. I still forget myself. There’s nothing wrong with this. There’s nothing true about this. There’s nothing. You were once everything I felt. You were once everything. You were, once. And if love moves like air, then teach me how to dig my nails into the palm of my hand so I can remember what you once felt like."

    - i wrote this for you
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untitled by natashafodil on Flickr.


    untitled by natashafodil on Flickr.

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  5. "je t’aime, et je t’aimerai pour le reste de mes joursā™„"

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